We’re making a CD!!!

At long last, we’re undertaking a new recording project.  It’s a labor of love, featuring music that sparks, challenges and ignites us.  The CD is called A Restless Heart, and it highlights the music of wanderers, emigres, nomads, and dreamers.

Wayward Sisters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Make a tax-deductible donation here:

THANK YOU to those who have donated!

SISTER $500+
Rob DeLine
David Steinhoff

Thorndyke Bear
Maureen Lyn Bernard
Christopher Cahill
Mickey Gillmor
Sue Imrem
Scott Mason
French Ball
Stephen Douglass
Lindsey Hill
Richard Jacoby
Richard Jamerson
Josh Lee
Marianne Lenti
Mary Mackay and Edward Wheatley
Alan Muirhead
Justin Roberts
Charles Schultz
Russell Wagner
WAY TO GO $50+
Miyo Aoki
Ian Bergman
Bruce Campbell
Ruth Chodrow
Lesslie Crowell
Martin Davids
Jim Fackenthal
Jerry Fuller
Steven J Goldman
Daniel Heiman
Ellis Hillinger
Phil Hollar
Tom Law
William Mateer
Chris Maye
Ashley Miller
Kathryn Mueller
Bill and Rita Oates
Matthew Piel
Gwyn Roberts
Susan Rosegrant
Daniel Shoskes
Bill Stewart
Margaret and Gene Szedenits
Ann Stickney
John Sutherland
Craig Trompeter
Carolyn Wallace
Sandy Walsh
Alison Wiley
Patsy Woods
Jeri-Lou Zike