We’ve just released our first album on the NAXOS label, as winners of the 2011 EMA Recording Competition!

Matthew Locke: The Broken Consort, Part I /
Tripla Concordia: Suites in G Major and E Minor

Matthew Locke was the most prominent English musician of the generation before Purcell, occupying a unique place between the Renaissance consort tradition and Baroque chamber music. The Broken Consort refers to a group with mixed instruments, and Locke’s pieces entertained royalty with their ambitiously chromatic tonal language and rhythmic quirkiness. The Composer to the Private Musick was never happier than with surprisingly angular melodies and dramatic gestures ‘into the theatricall way’. More info here.

Wayward Sisters edition:
Matthew Locke’s Suite in E minor, from Tripla Concordia
Sheet Music Download:
Locke Suite in E minor