We’re making a CD!!!

At long last, we’re undertaking a new recording project.  It’s a labor of love, featuring music that sparks, challenges and ignites us.  The CD is called A Restless Heart, and it highlights the music of wanderers, emigres, nomads, and dreamers.

Wayward Sisters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Make a tax-deductible donation here:

THANK YOU to those who have donated!

SISTER $500+
Holly Stocking & William Timberlake

Thorndyke Bear
Mickey Gillmor
Sue Imrem
Scott Mason
French Ball
Christopher Cahill
Lindsey Hill
Marianne Lenti
Alan Muirhead
Justin Roberts
Russell Wagner
WAY TO GO $50+
Julie & Michael Allen
Miyo Aoki
Julia Kagan Baumann
Christine Wilkinson Beckman
Bruce Campbell
Martin Davids
The Davis Family
David Egloff
Susan Egloff
Laura Faber
Jim Fackenthal
Jerry Fuller
Molly Gebrian
Steven J Goldman
Vicki Hall
Daniel Heiman
James Heup
Ellis Hillinger
Phil Hollar
Kathleen Ingley
Nick & Sue Jones
Tom Law
William Mateer
Chris Mayer
Ashley Miller
Margaret Newcomb
Allison Nyquist
Bill & Rita Oates
Matthew Piel
Gwyn Roberts
Susan Rosegrant
Daniel Shoskes
David Stanford
Bill Stewart
Ann Stickney
John Sutherland
Margaret & Gene Szedenits
Ilene Rogers Tyler
Carolyn Wallace